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Anglo-Saxon England • Volume 36

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Anglo-Saxon England • Volume 36

Malcolm Godden & Simon Keynes (editors)
The tabernacula of Gregory the Great and the conversion of Anglo-Saxon England - Flora Spiegel, pp. 1-13
The career of Aldhelm - Michael Lapidge, pp. 15-69
Aldhelm's rejection of the Muses and the mechanics of poetic inspiration in early Anglo-Saxon England - Emily V. Thornbury, pp. 71-92
The Name ‘Merovingian’ and the Dating of Beowulf - Walter Goffart, pp. 93-101
Poisoned places: the Avernian tradition in Old English poetry - Daniel Anlezark, pp. 103-126
Demonstrative behaviour and political communication in later Anglo-Saxon England - Julia Barrow, pp. 127-150
An abbot, an archbishop, and the viking raids of 1006–7 and 1009–12 - Simon Keynes, pp. 151-220
Evidence of Recluses in Eleventh-Century England - Tom Licence, pp. 221-234
Bibliography for 2006, pp. 235-330

Cambridge University Press, Linen binding with golden-punching and protective cover, english, 330 pages

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