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Discourses of Exception, Exclusion, Exchange
Michael Steppat (Editor)

The idea of a distinctive and even exceptional character of American society and culture has long enjoyed persuasive power. It has lastingly affected not only the self-images of the United States, but also perceptions from without. Canada as well as further North American cultures and regions, too, sometimes embrace a topos resembling that of the exceptional. This volume employs diverse methodical approaches from the humanities together with the social and geographical sciences to explore the North American contents of the topos of Americanism, which have become decisive for the project of the modern. Transdisciplinary exchange opens an opportunity to re-assess the effects and dynamic metamorphoses of Americanism. The protean shapes of identification with or counter-identification against the United States, and at times Canada, are vital for the acceleration rate of cultural innovation.

The protean qualities of Americanism: an exploration / Michael Steppat
Natural environment
American environmentalism on the defensive: the conservative attack and its effects on public opinion / T. Michael Maher
Location and landscape in literary Americanisms: H.L. Davis and F. Scott Fitzgerald / David T. Sumner
Media culture and ideological closures
The scopic regimes of contemporary American media: 24 / Jay David Bolter
Pragmatism versus artificial art: computer stories / Martina Leeker
Cultures of identity in the USA
Americanism in law / Oliver Lepsius
Urbanism and Americanism - urban development in the USA between ideology, dystopia, and anomaly / Hellmut Fröhlich
Americanism as religion or varieties of civil religious experience / Glenn W. Shuck and John M. Stroup
George Washington as Cincinnatus in antebellum visual culture / Karsten Fitz
I hate music! Bernstein's song cycle between European and American music culture / Anno Mungen
Regional manifestations of Americanism
Dixie Unlimited? American identity and the self-perception of southerners / Waldemar Zacharasiewicz
Americanisms, Hispanisms, nationalisms: becoming Aztlán in the República del Norte? / Thomas Bargatzky
Ethnic manifestations of Americanism
The diasporic turn: shifting paradigms in African American studies / James A. Miller
Africa in America: an ethnological perspective on Black identity in the Americas / Marc Murschhauser
Seeking the ecospace: Leslie Marmon Silko's Gardens / Helen May Dennis and Michael Steppat
Migrants in Quebec between Americansim and "Américanité" / Ute Fendler
In search of otherness or sameness: traces of Americanism in Cinéma Québecois / Jürgen E. Müller
African-Canadian literature and the Americas / Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez
Mexical liberals and the uses of the United States, 1829-1910 / Guy Thomson
European Images of America
Die Europäisierung des Amerikanismus: Amerikakritik im Spiegel des europäischen Selbstzweifels / Georg Kamphausen
Americanisms in Gereman urban planning: both rejection and selective copying / The adoption of public-private partnerships and business improvement districts in Germany / Anke Matuschewski
Relations between the United States and Europe
Transatlantic discourses: "American" musical theater and entertainment / Marion Linhardt
Performing "culture" in initial contact situations? / Bernd Müller-Jacquier
American adaptations: language ideology and the language divide in cross-Atlantic translations / Susanne Mühleisen

American Studies • A Monograph Series - Volume 173

Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg, Hardback, mostly english, 403 pages

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