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Adaptive and Adaptable Learning

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Adaptive and Adaptable Learning

11th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2016, Lyon, France, September 13-16, 2016, Proceedings
Katrien Verbert, Mike Sharples, Tomaz Klobucar (Eds.)

Table of Contents
A Semantic-Driven Model for Ranking Digital Learning Objects Based on Diversity in the User Comments - Abolkasim, Entisar (et al.) - Seiten 3-15
Social Facilitation Due to Online Inter-classrooms Tournaments - Araya, Roberto (et al.) - Seiten 16-29
How to Attract Students’ Visual Attention - Araya, Roberto (et al.) - Seiten 30-41
Creating Effective Learning Analytics Dashboards: Lessons Learnt - Charleer, Sven (et al.) - Seiten 42-56
Retrieval Practice and Study Planning in MOOCs: Exploring Classroom-Based Self-regulated Learning Strategies at Scale - Davis, Dan (et al.) - Seiten 57-71
“Keep Your Eyes on ’em all!”: A Mobile Eye-Tracking Analysis of Teachers’ Sensitivity to Students - Dessus, Philippe (et al.) - Seiten 72-84
Flipped Classroom Model: Effects on Performance, Attitudes and Perceptions in High School Algebra - Esperanza, Peter (et al.) - Seiten 85-97
Argumentation Identification for Academic Support in Undergraduate Writings - Gorrostieta, Jesús Miguel García (et al.) - Seiten 98-109
Mobile Grading Paper-Based Programming Exams: Automatic Semantic Partial Credit Assignment Approach - Hsiao, I-Han - Seiten 110-123
Which Algorithms Suit Which Learning Environments? A Comparative Study of Recommender Systems in TEL - Kopeinik, Simone (et al.) - Seiten 124-138
Discouraging Gaming the System Through Interventions of an Animated Pedagogical Agent - Nunes, Thiago Marquez (et al.) - Seiten 139-151
Multi-device Territoriality to Support Collaborative Activities - Marty, Jean-Charles (et al.) - Seiten 152-164
Refinement of a Q-matrix with an Ensemble Technique Based on Multi-label Classification Algorithms - Minn, Sein (et al.) - Seiten 165-178
When Teaching Practices Meet Tablets’ Affordances. Insights on the Materiality of Learning - Nouri, Jalal (et al.) - Seiten 179-192
A Peer Evaluation Tool of Learning Designs - Papanikolaou, Kyparisia A. (et al.) - Seiten 193-206
Learning in the Context of ManuSkills: Attracting Youth to Manufacturing Through TEL - Perini, Stefano (et al.) - Seiten 207-220
Does Taking a MOOC as a Complement for Remedial Courses Have an Effect on My Learning Outcomes? A Pilot Study on Calculus - Pérez-Sanagustín, Mar (et al.) - Seiten 221-233
Are You Ready to Collaborate? An Adaptive Measurement of Students’ Arguing Skills Before Expecting Them to Learn Together - Rapanta, Chrysi - Seiten 234-246
Examining the Effects of Social Media in Co-located Classrooms: A Case Study Based on SpeakUp - Rodríguez-Triana, María Jesús (et al.) - Seiten 247-262
Enhancing Public Speaking Skills - An Evaluation of the Presentation Trainer in the Wild - Schneider, Jan (et al.) - Seiten 263-276
How to Quantify Student’s Regularity? - Boroujeni, Mina Shirvani (et al.) - Seiten 277-291
Nurturing Communities of Inquiry: A Formative Study of the DojoIBL Platform - Suárez, Ángel (et al.) - Seiten 292-305
Inferring Student Attention with ASQ - Triglianos, Vasileios (et al.) - Seiten 306-320
Chronicle of a Scenario Graph: From Expected to Observed Learning Path - Vermeulen, Mathieu (et al.) - Seiten 321-330
- Adaptive Testing Using a General Diagnostic Model - Vie, Jill-Jênn (et al.) Seiten 331-339
How Teachers Use Data to Help Students Learn: Contextual Inquiry for the Design of a Dashboard - Xhakaj, Françeska (et al.) - Seiten 340-354
Assessing Learner-Constructed Conceptual Models and Simulations of Dynamic Systems - Bredeweg, Bert (et al.) - Seiten 357-362
Learning Analytics Pilot with Coach2 - Searching for Effective Mirroring - Brouwer, Natasa (et al.) - Seiten 363-369
Predicting Academic Performance Based on Students’ Blog and Microblog Posts - Dascalu, Mihai (et al.) - Seiten 370-376
Take up My Tags: Exploring Benefits of Meaning Making in a Collaborative Learning Task at the Workplace - Dennerlein, Sebastian (et al.) - Seiten 377-383
Consistency Verification of Learner Profiles in Adaptive Serious Games - Hussaan, Aarij Mahmood (et al.) - Seiten 384-389
MoodlePeers: Factors Relevant in Learning Group Formation for Improved Learning Outcomes, Satisfaction and Commitment in E-Learning Scenarios Using GroupAL - Konert, Johannes (et al.) - Seiten 390-396
Towards a Capitalization of Processes Analyzing Learning Interaction Traces - Lebis, Alexis (et al.) - Seiten 397-403
Improving Usage of Learning Designs by Teachers: A Set of Concepts for Well-Defined Problem Resolution - Lejeune, Anne (et al.) - Seiten 404-409
Immersion and Persistence: Improving Learners’ Engagement in Authentic Learning Situations - Loup, Guillaume (et al.) - Seiten 410-415
STI-DICO: A Web-Based ITS for Fostering Dictionary Skills and Knowledge - Luccioni, Alexandra (et al.) - Seiten 416-421
PyramidApp: Scalable Method Enabling Collaboration in the Classroom - Manathunga, Kalpani (et al.) - Seiten 422-427
From Idea to Reality: Extensive and Executable Modeling Language for Mobile Learning Games - Marfisi-Schottman, Iza (et al.) - Seiten 428-433
Combining Adaptive Learning with Learning Analytics: Precedents and Directions - Mavroudi, Anna (et al.) - Seiten 434-439
An Adaptive E-Learning Strategy to Overcome the Inherent Difficulties of the Learning Content - Mavroudi, Anna (et al.) - Seiten 440-445
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Affective Tutoring Agent in Specialized Education - Mondragon, Aydée Liza (et al.) - Seiten 446-452
MOOC Design Workshop: Educational Innovation with Empathy and Intent - Mor, Yishay (et al.) - Seiten 453-459
- OERauthors: Requirements for Collaborative OER Authoring Tools in Global Settings - Nurhas, Irawan (et al.) Seiten 460-465
Virtual Reality for Training Doctors to Break Bad News - Ochs, Magalie (et al.) - Seiten 466-471
User Motivation and Technology Acceptance in Online Learning Environments - Pedrotti, Maxime (et al.) - Seiten 472-477
Reflective Learning at the Workplace - The MIRROR Design Toolbox - Petersen, Sobah Abbas (et al.) - Seiten 478-483
Toward a Play Management System for Play-Based Learning - Sanchez, Eric (et al.) - Seiten 484-489

Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Volume 9891

Springer, Paperback, english, 708 pages

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